IPMEN 2018 Scholarship Program
Application for scholarships will be accepted from April 1 to May 31 (now is extending to June 30)
Please fill in the online form 〔Scholarship Application〕 for scholarship application

The scholarship program is administered by Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC), National Taiwan Ocean University. It is designed to facilitate exchanges of ideas and perspectives across countries, regions and continents by assisting attendance at the 2018 IPMEN. The scholarship will provide presenters with an amount of funding to support their expenses on attending the conference. Scholarship amounts range from 200 to 800 USD.

Statement of Intention
All applicants for the scholarship must first submit an abstract of proposals for attending and presenting at the 2018 IPMEN. Furthermore, they will have to submit a Statement of Intention (SOI) to the board committee of the 2018 IPMEN. The SOI should include the following information: your name, your current position (e.g. as a student, teacher and etc.), institute, residence and nationality; a description of your research, how your research is going to contribute to the filed of marine education, what you have done for doing marine education, what you expect to experience and learn from the 2018 IPMEN (you may like to make a reference to the conference schedule), what contribution your research or attendance can make to the 2018 IPMEN, and etc. The total length of the SOI should not exceed two pages.

Criteria for evaluation
Applications for the scholarship will be examined by the review board of the 2018 IPMEN by assessing the following aspects:
1. Clarity of expressions of intention
2. Feasibility of intended outcomes
3. Likely contribution to marine education
4. Geographical representation
Please don’t hesitate to let us know how keen you are to attend the conference and participate in the knowledge exchange.

Eligibility for application
1. People who have submitted abstracts to the 2018 IPMEN conference are eligible for applying the scholarship.
2. Scholarship applicants must also submit a SOI (Statement of Intention).
3. All scholarship applicants MUST be an (co-) author of a research proposal.
4. Each research proposal can have only one author to apply for the scholarship.
5. For authors who have multiple proposals submitted, they can only apply for the scholarship once.
6. For authors who have multiple sessions to present, they can only apply for the scholarship once.

Selection and Award
1. All applications for the scholarship received by the deadline (June 30) will be considered.
2. All applicants’ confidentiality will be secured, and their application forms will only be examined by the review board.
3. All applicants will be notified the result soon after the decision is made by July 16.
4.If scholarship awardees are not able to attend the conference, they should notice the organizer of the 2018 IPMEN by July 31.


The latest update:06/04/2018